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How to Build a Dynamic Calendar Visual in Power BI

🎁PBIX file available for download at the end of this article!

I’ve recently been working on Power BI projects that required tracking and visualizing upcoming meetings linked to project management activities. Building on one of Chandeep’s tutorials on developing a calendar dashboard using Power BI’s native matrix visual, I created a visual, as displayed on the cover image of this article, that highlights the dates of meetings. It also enables users to hover over the dates to see the details of each meetings.

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Dear Isabelle,

I am truly impressed by the remarkable work you've done on the dynamic calendar visual in Power BI. Your article is not only informative but also showcases a high level of expertise and creativity. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and contributing to the community with such valuable insights.

Warm regards,


Replying to

Thank you so much Samoel! Your feedback and message mean a lot to me and encourage me to keep on publishing this type of content 🙂!

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