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About Us

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Isabelle Bittar,

Based in Montreal, Canada, KI was founded to support companies in accelerating the development of their analytics and AI capabilities and maximize their value. 

Despite all the latest advancements in technology and AI, most companies still struggle in identifying and implementing the right use cases for their context. We support clients in identifying quick-wins and capitalizing on game-changing opportunities to support them in reaching their strategic ambitions.


We work with organizations of different size across multiple sectors, including financial services & insurances, energy, IT, health sciences, telecommunications, retail, construction and aerospace.  


Our mission is to guide our clients in elevating their analytics capabilities to maximize their contribution to the economic and social well-being of our community

What Differentiates Us
We offer 2x faster delivery than our competitors

Most of our projects are completed in 6 weeks thanks to our methodology which allows us to put our developments into experimentation by our clients in an accelerated fashion.

We keep it simple

We always aim for the North Star in the realization of our projects, while keeping our final products or deliverables concrete and easy to operate.

We are agile and take advantage of obstacles

We take advantage of opportunities where we are exposed to our clients' barriers to better understand their context and adjust our pull accordingly.


Our Core Values

What matters to us


We are determined to support Canada's economic development and the democratization of analytics and AI in its organizations. 


Without limiting ourselves to AI's possibilities, we ensure that it is always being use for the good of our people and their communities.



Passion is what got us here and is visible by the level of energy we bring on every project.


We celebrate diversity within our team and clients. Together, we are game-changers.


We are resilient and support our clients as they navigate today's economic challenges and uncertainties.

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