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Designing for Impact: 6 Ideas to Enhance the User Experience and Accessibility of Your Power BI Dashboards

A Journey Through the Design of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Power BI Dashboard

🎁Figma file available at the end of this article!

In some of my recent articles, I’ve introduced using Figma in designing Power BI reports. In this article, I wanted to take a step back and share some design ideas I consider when sketching these views for Power BI. Some of these ideas are maybe backed by theory, but it’s mostly all based on my experience working with different types of clients. Equally, some of the stuff might even go against commonly accepted principals, but I think that if you have been following me by now, you’ve probably noticed I enjoy working in these grey areas and pushing the limits of what we can develop in Power BI 😅.

Read the full article on Medium here.

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