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The following section presents a few sample projects built leveraging our solutions and accelerators.

Global HR Dashboard

Dashboard built to enable HR executives and functional domain experts in getting insights on the overall organizational health. 

Survey Comments Analyzer

Natural language processing tool to assess sentiment and topics, detect language and summarize qualitative survey comments. 

M&A Accelerator

Digitalized due diligence and  Day-1 planning activity management to support transaction teams in assessing and closing deals. 

Employee Turnover Forecasting

Dashboard built to follow real time employee turnover and forecast anticipated trends, while identifying their causes. 

Talent Acquisition Operational Dashboard

Operational dashboard built to monitor and prioritize talent acquisition activities. 

Project Name

This is your Project description. A brief summary can help visitors understand the context of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.

Talent acquisition grouped.png
Grouped M&A Accelerator.png
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