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Bridging HR and data science best practices

Supporting organizations in elevating their HR analytics and machine learning capabilities to unlock the potential of their workforce.

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Why HR analytics matters?

Organizations are increasingly harnessing the power of data-driven insights to realize the potential of their human capital. Here is how:

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Proactively identify and respond to observed trends and issues

Identify trends and anomalies in your processes or current employee population (eg. diversity & inclusion biases, employee absenteeism and attrition, culture & conflict issues)

Assess the causes of these trends and anomalies and predict their progression and anticipated cross-functional impacts

Remain competitive in a market of high talent volatility

Predict employee movement and skill demands to plan organizational resource requirements

Determine strategies and practices that will attract candidates and retain employees, based of your business objectives and competitive landscape

Identify optimal internal and external sourcing and recruiting strategies to respond to the projected resources and skills gaps

Measure the effectiveness of your HR practices in achieving enterprise goals

Measure the performance of functional domain practices (total rewards, learning & development, performance management, ...)

Simulate and model the impact of different practices or policies to identify ones that will optimize your return on investment

How we can help

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Develop effective real time reporting to provide insight to your questions and drive actions and decision making.


Assess key HR matters in your organization using your data (in any form), leveraging our analytics and machine learning capabilities

Boost your internal processes with the power of automation and machine learning.


Upskill your team on the latest HR data science trends to further their analytics, reporting and machine learning competencies.

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