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Workforce strategic reporting

Develop effective real time reporting to provide insight to your questions and drive actions & decision making.

We can support you in identifying the right indicators and metrics based on your HR and business objectives. We can then help with the data selection and preparation, drawing on our deep analytics capabilities to then build effective reporting tools, leveraging your technology.

Talent analytics and predictive services

Assess key HR matters in your organization using your data (in any form), leveraging our analytics and machine learning capabilities

We can assist you in performing theme - specific assessments (eg. : employee wellbeing, succession planning, internal mobility, diversity & inclusion, and many more) by applying our powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms (including supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning), while contextualizing findings based on our extended HR industry knowledge to uncover valuable insights, predict key trends and prescribe solutions.


Internal process enhancement

Boost your internal processes with the power of automation and machine learning.

We can provide recommendations on how you can cost-effectively integrate automation, analytics and machine learning capabilities in your business processes to improve efficiency and accuracy, as well as supporting you in their implementation.

HR data science training

Upskill your team on the latest HR data science trends to further their analytics, reporting and machine learning competencies.

We can provide technical trainings to different targeted audiences in your organization to support the development of their HR data science competencies, based on where you stand in the analytics maturity curve. We can also assist in building development programs customized to your technologies and tools.

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